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screencaps of love

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a screencapping community
xCaptura ;; screencaps of love

Welcome to xcaptura, the screencapping livejournal of two webmisses who love their screencaps. Those two webmisses would be xsomethingbluex (Amelia) and gothic_nyx (R-J).

This livejournal serves as a place to post and give samples our screencaps for the general public. The actual site, Captura, is a Coppermine Gallery requiring users to create an account and then log in to view the caps. This may seem tedious but we find it beneficial in the long run to find out exactly who has been viewing and downloading our screencaptures. Creating an account is very, very simple and you can do that here.

The current layout on the lj features the lovely Hayden Panettiere (of Heroes fame). Original coding by resplandor and header by gothic_nyx.

Rules ;;
001. First and foremost, if you plan on downloading the caps, please comment. We appreciate comments very much and it makes the time consuming hours of capping seem worthwhile.
002. It is also important that you credit either the screencapper (gothic_nyx or xsomethingbluex), the community (xcaptura), or the site (Captura) if you use the screencaps in your artwork.
003. Do not claim them as your own. That's stealing and gothic_nyx is a law student who knows all about it and gets easily on a high horse so don't try it.
004. Do not repost them anywhere without the expressed permission of the screencapper. Please comment and ask us nicely, we don't bite.
005. Please do not hotlink to any of the screencapping files. It's our bandwidth you're using and it being expended is not appealing.
006. The policy for requesting screencaptures from us is the following: we don't take requests unless a post specifically says that we are.

Affiliates ;;
We are accepting affiliates so please head on over here to request affiliation or view current affiliates.

Media Lists ;;
These lists show all of our screencapping resources:
Amelia: Full List
R-J: # + A-K - L-Z

Pending Lists ;;
These are the screencaps which are currently pending:
Amelia - R-J